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Advancing equity
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28 November 2024 | London
Coin Street Conference Centre

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Efa Mortty, Deputy Head of Medicines Management at NHS Haringey

Efa Mortty

Deputy Head of Medicines Management

Last update: 5 March 2024

Efa Mortty
Deputy Head of Medicines Management
NHS Haringey, United Kingdom


Efa Mortty is a Prescribing Adviser (pharmacist) who has worked for the NHS for 30 years. She started off working in district general hospitals where she completed a diploma in clinical pharmacy. She worked in hospitals for over 10 years and her last hospital appointment was as a clinical trials pharmacists in oncology.

Efa then moved over to work for Haringey Clinical Commission Group- NHS, to support GPs in making prescribing decisions and has formed a close working relationship with the local GPs and clinical staff of the local hospitals in the Haringey borough.

Privately over the past three years Efa has developed an interest in functional medicine- this is a practice of medicine that involves supporting friends and family to heal themselves by making lifestyle changes and come off medicines as their long term conditions improve. Efa is currently focusing on supporting people to live the healthiest they can with the minimum amount of medicines.

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