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Diabetes Africa is a non-profit organisation founded by a young British-Nigerian pharmacist whose family has been affected by diabetes and its complications.

Our journey began by identifying and connecting  healthcare professionals from across the continent and the diaspora. Our network now extends to entrepreneurs, financiers, and decision-makers, looking for new ways to alleviate the burden of the disease.

Pushing Boundaries with Diabetes Africa


To accomplish our work, we are supported by members, organisations championing initiatives, partners and donors.

Our work programme is reviewed by a Council of Advisers comprising sector specialists from Africa and the rest of the world. Its business function is overseen by external non-profit and management experts.



Who we areBernadette Adeyileka-Tracz (MPharm, PhD, PGCert) is the Founder of Diabetes Africa. She is a registered pharmacist with a doctoral degree and a passion for change. She has eight years of experience across community and clinical pharmacy, academia and in the pharmaceutical industry, where she has helped healthcare professionals keep up with a fast-moving medical landscape and get the best outcomes for patients. With a family history of diabetes and its complications, she is personally driven to make a difference for patients and their loved ones wherever they are in the world.

Who we areGreg Tracz is the CEO of Diabetes Africa. He is an association executive with over 10-years of experience leading business development and strategic outreach in the non-profit sector. Working for international organisations and associations, he has been responsible for marketing, branding and communications as well as partner and member engagement. In his past responsibilities, he has helped secure and retain income in the form of sponsorship, membership and event registration working in a diversity of locations including Ethiopia, China, France and Malaysia.

Who we areOkwuchi Uzosike (PharmD) is a Life Sciences professional with a background in Pharmacy, he has worked across the clinical, pharmaceutical and CRO settings focusing on compliance in Medical Information, Clinical Trials and Drug Safety.

Prior to joining Diabetes Africa as a volunteer, he worked as a senior Medical information Specialist with PPD (Cambridge, UK), and before that as a Medical Information Representative with the Menarini Pharmaceutical Group (Milan, Italy).

He contributed to setting up a multidisciplinary network of specialist practitioners to better monitor, assess and manage chronic conditions.


Who we areDr Abbi Lulsegged (MD) is a medical consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom. He practices in general medicine, endocrinology and diabetes. He set up a highly successful NHS Endocrinology practice in Bromley Hospital, now part of Kings College Hospital in London, before establishing a company to deliver high quality clinical care and educational services. He has received awards for clinical excellence for his outstanding patient care and has been appointed as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians as an acknowledgment of his work. Dr Lulsegged is a member of the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists, American Endocrine Society, the Society of Endocrinology (UK) and European Society of Endocrinology.

Who we areDr Ahmed Reja is a healthcare practitioner, specialising in endocrinology, from Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). He was previously President of the Ethiopian Diabetes Association and Chair of the International Diabetes Federation, Africa Region. During his career, he contributed to the establishment of the first digital camera screening service for diabetic retinopathy in Ethiopia, and state of the art Pascal Laser therapy at the Diabetes Centre of Black Lion Hospital of Addis Ababa University. Among his humanitarian activities, he serves as President of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS).

Who we areBeatrice (Betty) Okere is a registered clinical nutritionist and a diabetes educator with over 10 years of experience. She holds an MPH from Mount Kenya University , post graduate Certificate in Health Protection from the University of Cork in Ireland and a post Graduate Diploma in Diabetes from the University of South Wales (UK). Betty runs a private nutrition consultancy and consultancy in diabetes centers in Kenya.

Who we are

Charles E. Odiase is a Consultant Pharmacist in Primary Care and Diabetes at the Dacorum GP Federation in the United Kingdom. He holds two postgraduate master’s degrees in clinical pharmacy and diabetes and a postgraduate diploma in advanced urgent primary care with independent prescribing.

Charles is a Diabetes UK Clinical Champion, and has been involved in Diabetes UK conference organisation as a committee member. As a member of the UK diabetes expert panel IDEAL, he reviews and recommends good practice improvements in diabetes care delivery in the UK.

In his Consultant Pharmacist role, he runs advanced diabetes-specific clinics, and provides leadership, support, training and mentorship to other healthcare professionals especially in the area of diabetes care

Who we areDr. Njenga (MMED) is a consultant Physician/Endocrinologist and the Chairman of the Kenya Diabetes Management & Information Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. She is also the Chair of the NCD Alliance of Kenya. Dr. Njenga has been in practice for 30 years and holds a MMed from the University of Nairobi. She also has certificates in Social Medicine and Medical Anthropology from Harvard University. She has formerly worked at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nakuru Provincial Hospital and Joslin Diabetes Centre in USA. She is a member of the American Diabetes Association, Kenya Medical Association and Kenya Association of Physicians, an executive member of the Kenya Diabetes Association and a former member of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

Who we areDr Gideon Mlawa (MD, MRCPUK, SCE) graduated from Trakia University Bulgaria and specialised in endocrinology & diabetes in the UK. He is currently a consultant physician at Queens Hospital Romford in London. He is the training programme director for internal medicine trainees both at Queen's Hospital and King George Hostpital and a clinical lead in acute medicine. He is also one of the founding members of the Tanzania UK Healthcare Diaspora Association (TUHEDA) and interim treasurer. His special interests include: diabetes in pregnancy, diabetes and technology including insulin pumps, thyroid disorders as well as pituirary disorders.

Who we areDr Olamide Adejumo (MBBS) is a general practitioner and one of Africa’s original voices on prevention & care of diabetes with other related non-communicable diseases on social media. He is the founder of the Nigeria Diabetes Online Community and is currently based in the United States, where he is involved in research and narrative care practice in Medicine. Olamide graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University in Nigeria.

Who we areDr Samuel Seidu (MBChB, PGCME, MSc, MD, FRCGP, FRCP(Ed) is a general practitioner in Leicester City. He is also a partner, lead undergraduate tutor and GP trainer at the Hockley Farm Medical Practice. Among his current responsibilities, he is involved in the design and re-configuration of diabetes care in Leicester alongside other clinical leads in primary and secondary care. He is a primary care research fellow in diabetes at the University of Leicester and his area of interest is around quality improvement in diabetes care. He is currently the head of research and continuing medical education, and an executive Board member, for Primary Care Diabetes Europe (PCDE).

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This paragraph should provide a summary of what this member package provides and the benefits they get out of it.


This paragraph should provide a summary of what this member package provides and the benefits they get out of it.


This paragraph should provide a summary of what this member package provides and the benefits they get out of it.


This paragraph should provide a summary of what this member package provides and the benefits they get out of it.