Identifying experts

Our network includes talented health and social care professionals who are passionate about improving health for people of African and Caribbean origin living with diabetes. We connect them and help identify experts for meaningful projects.

Creating and producing events

We connect people and ideas and provide a platform for new initiatives and partnerships to flourish.

From planning and design with partners to delivery and reporting, Diabetes Africa virtual and in-person events are designed to be thought-provoking and identify new ways to address the issues affecting diabetes care for people of Black, African and Caribbean background.

Our events and meetings are a great opportunity to network and hear from experts from a wide range of backgrounds, as well as engaging advocates, including people living with diabetes.

with impact

We believe that impactful communication can make a real difference in a project. Delivering health information, scientific knowledge or meeting outcomes clearly helps us engage with our audience more meaningfully.

Our communication activities include articles and videos on diabetes care or recent initiatives that are making a difference in the lives of people of Black, African and Caribbean background living with diabetes.

Sharing knowledge

Many challenges in diabetes care stem from a lack of awareness and knowledge.

When information is available, we work with partners to gather it and share it widely. When information is lacking, we go and find it at the source. This can take the form of interviews, focus groups, market research or meetings.

Advocating for our community

We are the voice of people of Black, African and Caribbean origin living with diabetes and those who care for them. We participate in forums and meetings where health is discussed and ensure that the voice of our community is heard.

Promoting excellence

Our work is organised in virtual faculties and chambers. Faculties gather experts in a medical field relating to diabetes and chambers seek to address some of the most pressing issues in our field. This includes:

  • Devices and equipment
  • Access to care and medicine
  • Sustainable education
  • Data collection

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