Diabetes, COVID-19 and mobile phone in Africa

COVID-19 is another burden on people with diabetes in Africa.

There are already so many.

Huge infrastructure gaps are preventing adequate diabetes diagnosis and care in Africa. These often don’t make the news. If we want to build resilient healthcare systems, chronic diseases need to be higher on the agenda. This is why we must push for action. Because infections like COVID-19 are more liekely to make a bad situation worse, everywhere in the world and in Africa in particular.

Disseminating innovation and better education can make a difference.

Diabetes Africa’s mission is to identify and promote innovation and innovators in diabetes diagnosis and care. With our community, we build and share knowledge through professional faculties. We tackle policy and implementation with our chambers. Among our areas of focus are: Access to care and medicines, telehealth, awareness and sustainable education. 

Diabetes training and education in Africa

From where you are, with what you know, you can help.

You can make a difference by donating your money or your time, joining a faculty and sharing your experience. We connect healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs, decision-makers in governement and in the healthcare industry to make diabetes a thing of the past, in Africa and around the world.