Dr Abbi Lulsegged

Consultant Physician, Endocrinology and Diabetology, UK

Dr Abbi Lulsegged is a consultant physician with a specialist interest in endocrinology and diabetes. He undertook his undergraduate training at Guy’s Hospital Medical School, qualifying in 1994.

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Michael Bracchi

Member of the Diabetes Africa Data Collection Chamber, UK

I have a passion for solving problems in healthcare using data and believe that the contribution from data analytics to this field is in its infancy.

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Tai Ibitoye, Registered Dietitian and Doctoral Researcher in Food and Nutritional Sciences

Tai Ibitoye

Registered Dietitian and Doctoral Researcher in Food and Nutritional Sciences, UK

Tai Ibitoye is a Registered Dietitian based in London specialising in nutrition support for adults and women’s health. Tai is passionate about providing evidence-based nutrition advice and information to help her clients make well- informed decisions when it comes to their diet and health.

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Dr Peter Phiri, Research & Innovation at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Peter Phiri

Research & Innovation at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Dr Peter Phiri, is a visiting academic within the Faculty of Medicine in the School of Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, a post he has held since 2015. He is also a Research & Development Manager.

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Ellouise Simpson, Registered dietitian, NHS Foundation Trust

Ellouise Simpson

Registered dietitian, NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Ellouise is a passionate and dedicated registered dietitian, with many years of experience working in the NHS and private sector. She takes a holistic and realistic approach to help clients manage a wide range of health concerns such as weight management, family nutrition, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

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Efa Mortty, Deputy Head of Medicines Management at NHS Haringey

Efa Mortty

Deputy Head of Medicines Management at NHS Haringey, UK

Efa Mortty is a Prescribing Adviser (pharmacist) who has worked for the NHS for 30 years. She started off working in district general hospitals where she completed a diploma in clinical pharmacy.

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Dr Alastair Duncan

Consultant Dietitian, Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Hospital and King’s College, UK

Alastair is a UK registered dietitian combining clinical, teaching, leadership and research roles at King's College London and at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital.

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Prof. Louise Goff

Professor of Nutrition Science, University of Leicester, UK

Louise is an academic dietitian and Professor of Nutrition Science at Leicester Diabetes Research Centre. She specialises in the role of diet and lifestyle in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes, with a particular interest in tackling health inequalities among minority ethnic groups.

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Dr Hibbah Osei-Kwasi

Lecturer in Nutrition, Loughborough University, UK

Hibbah is a public health nutrition academic with specialist research interests in dietary behaviours and behaviour change interventions for people of African and Caribbean origin, with about 16 years of research experience working in Ghana, Kenya and with African and Caribbean communities in Europe.

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Meera Ladwa, Newham University Hospital

Dr Meera Ladwa

Clinical Lead for Type 1, Transition & Young Adult Diabetes, Newham University Hospital, UK

Meera Ladwa (MRCP, PhD) works as a specialty clinician for Barts NHS Trust and leads the Young Adult Diabetes service at Newham University Hospital, London, UK.

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Dr Faye Ruddock

Chair, Caribbean & African Health Network, UK

Faye is Chair of the Caribbean & African Health Network. The national Black led network is a thriving one that seeks to address health inequities and one that operates to influence policy and practice for the Black community.

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