People with diabetes

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1. Faculty open

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2. Public event

The first public event serves to discuss issues and priorities across the continent

3. Action plan

The action plan identifies resources and actions for the faculty

4. Operational

Faculty members participate in exchange and learning activities

With access to online content and social media, people with diabetes can play an important role in managing their own condition as well as informing others. How can these ‘super patients’ improve and share their skills and knowledge better?

The objective of this faculty is to empower people with diabetes and their network of friends and relatives to become leaders in disease awareness and a force for change in confronting the outstanding challenges facing diagnosis and care.

The action plan for this faculty is under discussion. If you would like to participate in its formulation, consider joining our next event. 


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Poll carried out among participants in the Active Conversations event on "Multidisciplinary Care teams" (June 2020)

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