1. Faculty open

Pro members can join the faculty and participate in its activities

2. Public event

The first public event serves to discuss issues and priorities across the continent

3. Action plan

The action plan identifies resources and actions for the faculty

4. Operational

Faculty members participate in exchange and learning activities

Request certificate and CPD points

Fill out the form below if you attended the live event on 22 April 2021 and would like to request an attendance certificate. CPD points are avaiable for registered doctors in Kenya. Please use the information used when registering for the live event. A minimum of 60 min of attendance is required to claim CPD points. 

Sorry, requests for certificates and CPD points are now closed

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Latest poll results

Do you think that type 2 diabetes remission is possible? (Single choice)

Yes, always
Yes, in some cases

Responses from a poll conducted among 301 participants in the the event "Type 2 Diabetes Reversal", organised by Diabetes Africa, in collaboration with KAP, KCS and KDSG on 22 April 2021.

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