Current status

1. Faculty open

Pro members can join the faculty and participate in its activities

2. Public event

The first public event serves to discuss issues and priorities across the continent

3. Action plan

The action plan identifies resources and actions for the faculty

4. Operational

Faculty members participate in exchange and learning activities

Nurses are on the frontline of the battle against diabetes, but there is often little incentive for them to gain additional knowledge on the disease and related topics. This faculty offers a platform for nurses who are active in diabetes or interested to develop their skills to exchange information, and gain recognition for their work with people with diabetes.

The objective of this faculty is to identify and share training material among nurses and gather ideas and information to design a roadmap to upskill nurses across the continent: what knowledge is needed? What incentives and how can nurses take a more proactive role in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes?

The action plan for this faculty is under discussion. If you would like to participate in its formulation, consider joining our next event. 

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