Endocrinology / diabetology

Current status

1. Faculty open

Pro members can join the faculty and participate in its activities

2. Public event

The first public event serves to discuss issues and priorities across the continent

3. Action plan

The action plan identifies resources and actions for the faculty

4. Operational

Faculty members participate in exchange and learning activities

The number of endocrinologist / diabetologist per country varies across Africa. Some countries do not record any permanent specialists while the number can climb to several hundred specialists in others. In all cases, the numbers are vastly insufficient to cover all patients. 

The objective of this faculty is to increase Africa's capacity of endocrinologists/diabetologists, and also bring together specialists to upskill, share information and address common challenges. The faculty is open to physicians as well other healthcare professionals who are considering specialising in diabetology.

The action plan for this faculty is under discussion. If you would like to participate in its formulation, consider joining our next event. 

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