Driving change: diabetic eye screening in Ghana


Many patients with diabetic retinopathy will risk lives driving, because driving is essential to their livelihoods

Dr Paula Gatsey Atabudzi

We recently met with Dr. Paula Gatsey-Atabudzi, who is a doctor of optometry who pursued further studies in ophthalmology with clinical practice at University College London / Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

With the knowledge she acquired and over 11 years in the field of eye care, she, together with her husband, an MD. and expert in epidemiology has been able to set up an Eye imaging and Digital health Centre in Partnership with Eye Health Africa.

Diabetic eye disease is one of the leading causes of blindness globally, with 30% of people living with diabetes suffering from it. Due to the lack of data backing this scientific fact in Ghana, the centre has begun a campaign and is embarking on a diabetic eye screening program for a city called Tema and its environs. This move is to enable us to get data and be a catalyst for a policy to start a national diabetic eye screening program.

For more information on diabetes and eye care watch our Diabetes Health Matters episode with Ms Evelyn Mensah.

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