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The Diabetes Atlas of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF 2019) estimates that the Africa region will have the largest increase in diabetes prevalence of any region by 2045; increasing from 19 million in 2019 to 47 million people affected. However the true situation is likely to be considerably worse due to significant deficiencies in screening as well as data collection. The lack of robust data collection is further demonstrated in the IDF report, as only 36% (17 of 47) of Sub-Saharan African nations have in-country diabetes data sources of sufficient quality to be included in the report. Diabetes statistics for the remaining nations therefore must be estimated via extrapolation from the data of other countries. This results in lack of understanding of the diabetes climate in the majority of Africa region countries, and inadequate allocation of healthcare resources.

The objectives of the chamber are: a) To help design processes to collect and collate epidemiological, clinical, therapeutic and outcomes data relating to diabetes in Africa, b) To provide an evidence base for the planning, allocation and provision of healthcare resource to prevent and treat diabetes in Africa, c) To produce an annual status report of diabetes in Africa

The action plan for this chamber is under discussion. If you would like to participate in its formulation, consider joining our next event. 

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