Awareness and follow-up

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1. Chamber open

Pro members can join the faculty and participate in its activities

2. Public event

The first public event serves to discuss issues and priorities across the continent

3. Action plan

The action plan identifies resources and actions for the faculty

4. Operational

Faculty members participate in exchange and learning activities

Providing basic, accurate information on diabetes and its co-morbidities is at the heart of disease awareness and optimal follow-up with patients. Although it is just a starting point, informed populations are more likely to get tested and when knowledgeable, people with diabetes can take a more active part in their treatment.

The objective of this chamber is to investigate the means by which information is disseminated by healthcare professionals, authorities and patients and identify good practices

The action plan for this chamber is under discussion. If you would like to participate in its formulation consider joining our next event, or get in touch via 'contact us'

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Awareness and follow-up

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What has happened to your diabetes control during the pandemic?

It has improved
It is the same as before
It has worsened

Poll carried out during the Diabetes Africa "Achieving Diabetes Treatment Goals During the Pandemic" event (September 2020)


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