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Centre d'education diabete et sante in Kinshasa

Recognising diabetes educators now: a roadmap for decision-makers

Training healthcare professionals to impart culturally appropriate, practical knowledge to people living with diabetes is key to addressing diabetes in low- and middle-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Diabetes self-management education allow people with diabetes to manage their conditions in the community outside of a medical environment. This white paper describes pathways for the development of diabetes educators as a cost-effective, targeted intervention that is likely to yield the most results in reducing the burden of diabetes in Africa.

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Family prepares a low-carb meal to fight diabetes in Africa

Pioneering low-carb diets to reverse type 2 diabetes in Africa

“Is type 2 diabetes curable?” is often the first question that newly diagnosed people ask their physician. “No” is a common answer given by healthcare professionals, who have been trained to recognise type 2 diabetes as a chronic condition that can only be managed, in the hope of avoiding serious complications over the course of a lifetime.

There is, however, a growing body of evidence to suggest that, with the right lifestyle changes, the progression of type 2 diabetes can be slowed down, and even reversed. Over the last decade, physicians have learnt to adopt a more nuanced approach to diabetes, and training programmes have been created to help people living with diabetes and healthcare professionals navigate this new reality safely. Some of these programmes have taken place in Africa and with people of African origin.

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A person participating in the WHO Diabetes and Hypertension Screening Campaign in Kinshasa

In Kinshasa, during the pandemic, the message is clear: “get tested for diabetes”

Since September 2020, an exceptional campaign is underway in the Democratic Republic of Congo to screen the population of the capital city Kinshasa for diabetes and hypertension. The objective? To limit the impact of COVID-19 on the population. Without appropriate management, diabetes and hypertension can lead to serious complications, particularly for those affected by COVID-19. Supported by the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, and organised in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health, this campaign is taking place in 10 health centres and institutions across the city. Diabetes Africa met with the patients and professionals in Kinshasa to hear their experience and help enhance the message of this campaign: an early diagnosis of diabetes or hypertension followed with education and care can save lives.

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